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February 27 - March 30, 2001



Alicja Lukasiak - Transpozycja

By hiding nudity under materiality I am avoiding a shame, My intimacy vanishes, my body is being deformed Under the mask of artificiality and the matter becomes the skin. Veracity pushes me into abyss of solitude while Artificiality becomes a home and nudity its prison.Alicja Lukasiak


Alicja Lukasiak - "Transposition", from exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, March 2001.



THE FACT that in recent years artists turned their attention on themselves is not a discovery anymore. External reality has become more predictable and monotonous while human body can invariably deliver new inspirations. This time this body was closed within some constant element creating an ornament filling the whole space of the gallery. But there is no chaos, everything exists in very orderly way that is subordinated to a kind of symmetry and order that was earlier established. Computer processed and repeated like a musical phrase photographs of intimate body parts form straight stripes and series making thus sophisticated and cool recording. Intimacy of a detail changes into symmetrical composition that is deprived of emotions. This consistency of the system is defining the gallery's space in an unexpected way making us think more about architecture than about any emotions.

There is not any ideological discourse present in this work like it was in formally similiar work of Zofia Kulik. Neither there are any existential deliberations that accompanied works of Jerzy Sadowski or Konrad Kuzyszyn. Alicja Lukasiak made an installation that refers rather to the gallery's space than to "hidden meanings" it may contain despite that overcoming of intimacy is certainly one of the basic assumptions of this realisation. Do "materialization" of the body in multiple rhythm of repeated motifs eliminates intimacy? Do image of the body multiplied according to mathematical formula leaves some room for any emotions? These are the questions we may ask while not necessarily looking for immediate answers.

Marek Grygiel


Alicja Lukasiak - "Transposition", from exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, March 2001.


Artist Alicja Lukasiak during an opening of her exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Feb. 27, 2001. Photo: Wojtek Duszenko/GW

Alicja Lukasiak

born 1975 in Radom

education: Art Department of Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in Lublin 1995-2000 (graphic arts studio of prof. Piotr Lech).
One year's grant from Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

Individual exhibitions
1998 Fotografia, Galeria Chatka Zaka, Lublin
1999 "Elementum", installation, Galeria Biala, Lublin
2000 "Ornamenty, installation, Galeria Biala, Lublin

Collective exhibitions
1990 "Europe without Borders" - poster, international exhibition, Utrecht, Holland
1996 "Wire Material" -fashion show, Wydzial Artystyczny UMCS, Lublin
1997 "Drutowizualizacja", "Rozpad", installations, Lublin
"Nowogrodek 97", Galeria Chatka Zaka, Lublin
1998 Uczlodrutowienie, installation, Wydzial Artystyczny UMCS, Lublin
1998 "Wilno 98", Lublin



Alicja Lukasiak - "Transposition", from exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, March 2001.



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