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Grzegorz Roginski:


Grzegorz Roginski: "AURA". Exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, February 2001.


MY EVERYDAY work as advertising graphic designer and photographer has given me some experiences that are influencing my art work too. However with increasing amount of work I began to work along certain established patterns that were becoming more and more tiresome. I needed some fresh air, to leave "a basement" - so some beautiful November day I have begun this "Aura" series.

All photographs were taken in the Kępa Redłowska Natural Reserve with its beloved Orłowo cliffs. There is very special aura about this place - from the top of cragged cliffs it is possible to see the whole Gulf of Gdansk and Hel Peninsula and monumental gill filled with trunks of trees fallen by a gale coming close to the beach. In some distance from that there are coils of roots, sometimes few meters high, of trees torn out from soil and second world war bunkers behind them. It is an amazing scene. Low, winter light filtered through clouds and reflected from waters of the gulf endows this scene with atmosphere of mystery and unreality. But there is more than that! The scene is empty! We enter it clothed in our own "auras" and vibrations brought from the world of our businesses, desires, aspirations ...

This work consists of four series which may be called (with regard to the above context) "Emergence", "Coexistence", "Passage" and "Separation".

Grzegorz Roginski

Gdansk, December 16th, 2000


Grzegorz Roginski: "AURA". Exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, February 2001.


PATURE and man. These words generally describe relation occuring in photographs of Grzegorz Roginski. But this relation is very specific: a multiplied human figure emphasizes nobility and severity and a kind of imperishable character of the world of nature. A human being is being treated here in a very symbollic manner, it is dissolving and melting into branches of trees and brushwood. Multiplied, bare silhouettes stand in contrast with reality of the landscape.

The technique of photographic penetration creates a mood of mystery. It becomes an attempt to confront emotions not only these of persons present within picture's frame but also emotions felt by beholders. It is a kind of "emerging" of specific aura which may appear when encountering such a peculiar and unusual landscape. Can photography describe these tensions? Or perhaps setting a man in such unspoiled surroundings is a too daring challenge to nature and it is of no avail to try to disturb its timeless harmony and beauty.

Marek Grygiel


Grzegorz Roginski: "AURA". Exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, February 2001.


Grzegorz Roginski

born 13.II. 1973 in Gdansk
Education: Graphic design, photography, silk screen - Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, 1993 - 1998. Graduated in 1998 - graphic design - prof. Zdzislaw Walicki, photography - prof. Witold Wegrzyn.
Since 1999 he works as a free lance graphic designer.


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