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Katarzyna Fortuna: I am


Katarzyna Fortuna - "I am", exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, July 2002


I am

JUST "I am". Sometimes such a simple constatation may embrace a lot of substance. It may be an ordinary ascertainment of the state of affairs and nothing more. But it also can be an attempt to express significantly more.

It seems that this "more" is embraced in photographs of Katarzyna Fortuna, in the most recent series of her pictures. Apparently there are quite ordinary photographs which , as it can be easily assumed, are presenting the artist herself. We cannot see her face, physical presence of her body is either better or less visible. We see that her figure fills the frames of the photographs and after some time we are begining to grasp that she herself is defining her relation to interiors she is in. These quite accidentally organized interiors are the interiors of her everyday life. After a while we concentrate our attention not only on the human figure but also on these interiors. We are begining to perceive them, their simple and contemporary at the same time aesthetics and also the individual objects.

Nevertheless in the centre of every frame there is the figure of the artist - photographed by herself.

This persistent awareness of endurance is what is most visible on these photographs. It is not changed even by the use of colour that could disturb well studied composition of the pictures. The colour subtly emphasizes spatiality of these photographs, their balanced colouring becomes an important ally of the artist in creating the mood and complementing dramatics of individual series. It seems like the colour was used wilfully as an additional element co-originating very subtle premisses for this this delicate and personal project.

Marek Grygiel


Katarzyna Fortuna - "I am", exhibition in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, July 2002



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