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November 4-28, 2003




Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé: "BI-CYCLE"


Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé: BI-CYCLE, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, November 2003.


MAN AND THE MACHINE. This subject known in art since a long time is reminded anew in a presented here series of photographs. A simple technical measure of sandwiching two transparencies. A portrait of the same man filtered through elements of some construction. After closer analysis of these photographs it becomes evident that this machine is nothing but a simple bicycle. At the begining all seems to be chaotic, but from these literally complex photographs some deliberate method of uncovering and covering outlines of model's face with metal parts of the bicycle emerges. These parts, some cog-wheels, gears and racks remind us the industrial era and introduce a mood of the German expressionist movies directed by Fritz Lang, they take us back to the times of fascination with achievements of the technical civilisation. Just as it was in the case of constructivist and futurist art in the first half of the 20th century.

This return to defined in such way poetics and moods of the past is treated by the artist somewhat lightly since it is hard to believe that exaggerated parts of cycling equipment can replace volume and to produce an effect of huge colossses from the times of industrial revolution. Nevertheless it is easy to notice that a machine as a symbol of progres and aspiration for brighter future, which we trusted so much during the last century, not always carries positive connotations - both in relation to our mental life and natural environment.

The works of Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé can make us aware of fragility and transitoriness of a man and, paradoxically, of its increasing entaglement in growing bigger, mostly destructive, technical civilisation.

Marek Grygiel



Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé: BI-CYCLE, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, November 2003.


Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé: BI-CYCLE, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, November 2003.




Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé
born 1968 in Lodz
Graduated from the State High School for Visual Arts in Warsaw (1988), was a member of the photographic club
Fotoart Hybrydy, graduated from the Graphic Arts Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw (1995).
Practices book illustration, photography and graphic art.

Selected exhibitions:
1988 - Galeria Fotografii Hybrydy, Warszawa (with Mariusz Szachowski)
- Grupa Fotoart, Galeria Fotografii Hybrydy, Warszawa
1992 - POZA, ASP, Warszawa (students’ exhibition)
1993 - Klub Medyków, Warszawa (group exhibition)
- Maastricht Biennial
- Europa 1000 - 2000, Politechnika, Warszawa
- Galeria, Kielce (solo exhibition)
- „He! Bonjour, Monsieur La Fontaine“, Brest
1994 - Majdanek Triennial
- POZA, ASP, Warszawa (students’ exhibition)
1996 - Warszawska Grafika Miesiąca - an exhibition accompanying the Poster Biennial
1997 - „Grafika warszawska 1994-1996“ - an exhibition accompanying the International Triennial of Graphic Arts
- „Niedzielni dandysi” - Mala Gallery ZPAF-CSW, Warszawa
1998 - „Po drugiej stronie” (with K. Kiritsis i P. Zak), Siaulai, Lithuania
1999 - „Niedzielni dandysi”, Galeria Pusta, Katowice
2000-2002 Participation in group exhibitions of painting and graphic arts, Bielsko-Biała, Warszawa



Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé: BI-CYCLE, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, November 2003.


The photographs of Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé are presented






Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Nov. 4th, 2003 - opening of Malwina Wieczorek-Bradé's exhibition BI-CYCLE. Photo: Lukasz Zandecki/GW



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