Janusz Bakowski

Born 1922 in Warsaw
Engaged in: sculpture, painting, photography, applied graphics

Selected works:

1969 - analytic interpretation of seeing - the series of portraits made from one negative (the model was the friend and sculptor Marek Lypaczewski)
1970 - 76 - Attempts to define limits of photography and possibilities of perception by dividing and reassembling the picture according to adopted system. Using the same method he paints the series of pictures "Vase with flowers".
Recently he makes video films and analytic sculpture "Heads".

Selected exhibitions:

1971 - "Fotografowie poszukujacy", Warszawa
1975 - "Polska fotografia", Meksyk/Mexico
1977 - "Kwadrat", Mala Galeria ZPAF-PSP, Warszawa
1979 - "Fotografia poszukujaca", New York
1981 - "Presences Polonaises", Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris
1981 - Group exhibition with Jagoda Przybylak and Ryszard Winiarski, BWA Lublin
1989 - "Subway" - video and drawings, PAAS Gallery, New York
1990 - "Najkrotsza historia krajow Wschodniej Europy", the film realized together with Jagoda Przybylak, Artist's pace, New York
1991 - "Nie tak dawno temu", painting, photography, video, Mala Galeria ZPAF-CSW, Warszawa

Selected publications:

1973 - "Mathematical Ideas", USA
1978 - "Dumont Foto", RFN/West Germany
1981 - "Modern Photography", USA
1990 - "Sztuka i czlowiek", book by Leszek Brogowski, Poland
1991 - "Kolekcja", Muzeum Sztuki, Lodz
1991 - "Blank Page nr. 5", with Jagoda Przybylak

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