Mala Gallery, Warsaw, Pl. Zamkowy 8
From June 30 to July 26, 1998



Katarzyna Deparis - Serie Noire II


Katarzyna Deparis "Serie Noire II"


[T]HERE are few basic features of black and white photography that cannot be overlooked. One of the most of them important is contrast. Mastering the right proportions in using halftones i.e. obtaining proper contrast decides much stronger about expressive power of the picture than even the most sophisticated composition. This becomes particularily difficult when only small part of the reality is being recorded on photographic film. I such a case an impact of the particular picture depends greatly upon how the contrast is distributed within the photograph's area, how it is secured through right processing, suitable photographic paper, film speed, exposure time etc. So it depends on the whole classical knowledge of obtaining a photographic image.

This simple conclusion seems to be particularily reasonable now when the process of obtaining a photograph became unified and lacks any features of a creative gesture. Perhaps this situation will cause a return to the sources of photography. Not only by regenerating old techniques but also by coming back to the laborious classical work with an enlarger.

The "Black Series" photographs of Katarzyna Deparis are just the result of such a work. They are not a result of pressing camera shutter accidentally but of a well defined conception that the artist realises consistently. Her pictures are marked by the well thought over composition. The right choice of black and white tones define dramatic effect present in these pictures. Katarzyna Deparis in her photographs tried to come closer to the matter of photography. It seems that the attempt was succesful.

Marek Grygiel


Katarzyna Deparis "Serie Noire II"


Katarzyna Deparis

About me.

I was born and grown up in Warsaw. I have finished some studies and went to Paris. A family life has begun. My daughter Marianna was born. I spent few years in France, here and there, as my professional life demanded and travelled a little abroad. Then I jumped to Munich where I have begun to photograph. From Ď95 I spent my time in Dieter Rehm's darkroom at the Academy of Fine Arts trying to stimulate my negatives to life. Sometimes I succeed. Since last March I have a studio in Munich and a place in Warsaw where I feel at home. I live in a somewhat wild way.

There are points at the map where I would like to present my images (photographs).

This time it is the Mala Gallery.

My works are in Paris, Florence, Munich and Los Angeles.




Auktion an der Akademie, Munich, Germany
Series Series Little Box Berlin


Biennale Europeo della Fotografia d'Autore, Fissole - Florence, Italy
Series Transformation


Grossenwahn, Munich, Germany
Series Der Blick

Speyer, Germany
Series Changes

Independent Installation "Classa morta", Akademie der Bildenden Kunste, Munich, Germany

Winner by "Nuovi Percorsi d'Arte", Venice
Series Wood

Substanz, Munich, Germany
Series Connections

Atelier 507, Munich, Germany
Collective exhibition
Three big size pictures made with mixed technique

Auktion an der Akademie, Munich, Germany
"Serie grise"

Haus 50 Domagh, Munich, Germany
"Seven capital sins"


Galleria Percorsi d'Arte, Venice
"Serie noire"

Haus 50 Domagh, Munich, Germany
Series"Home Sweet Home"

Grossenwahn, Munich, Germany
Series Zweisamkeit


Katarzyna Deparis "Serie Noire II"



Katarzyna Deparis "Serie Noire II"


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