Mala Gallery ZPAF-CSW
8, Zamkowy Sq., Warsaw
July 4-28, 2000



Tomasz Komorowski

Tomasz Komorowski "On the photograph" - - exhibition in Mala Gallery in Warsaw, July 2000.



A different shape of reality

The series of works I present here is an attempt to try conclusions with nude photography which is one of the most difficult subjects. Striving to find one's own expression and one's own picture of the world and neighbourhood is one of the most important factors for any person dealing with art. As know it well a repetition in art ammounts to nothing.

Jose Ortega y Gaset has written that "cultivating an art is not justified should it be only limited to reproduction of reality and to its fruitless imitation" and "the point is not to paint something completly different from a human, a house or a mountain but to paint the human that would be the least similiar to human being, the house that would posses only what is necessary for its metamorphose, the mountain that when deprived of its surface becomes a cone."

Such an attitude to art is close to me. It excludes indifference to a subject of creative analysis. At the same time a declaration concerning the actions that has been hitherto done becomes a kind of limitation.

When commencing this series I wanted to find out if photographic camera that by nature is a documenting instrument will alow me to create unrealistic reality.

Thanks to our experiences (through analogies) we are trying to attribute the world we see. My intention was to destroy to a degree this order through the game of insinuations and contradictions to our visual habits. I have attempted to leave in each picture at least small recognizable fragment. This fragment served me as a starting point for analysis if it causes looking for the entirety that is attributed - in the surrounding world and in art as well - to this fragment in our remembered (learned) memory. Here certainly Andre Kertes and his "Distortion" series come to mind. Kertes worked on his series many years with some interruptions but in studies concerning his works these pictures are presented only as if they were of minor importance. Danish painter Edward Matwikiv has been working upon similiar problem during 60's and 70's but perhaps the works of sculptors Hans Arp and Henry Moore are closest to me. Thinking about my own works I may repeat after Arp: these are REALITIES that in themselves are deprived of meaning and contrived intention. I have rejected everything that was a reproduction or description in order to give complete freedom to what is Elementary and Spontaneous.

Some of my works I would like to name - as Arp did - Condensations since they present a huge integration of matter in much smaller form. It is not condensation that was caused only by the change of proportions, it is great concentration of mass in a new shape.

In this moment camera has become a new kind of chisel. It has not been only a documenting instrument (although I could deem it as such since what is on the photographs existed in the front of the lens) but more so a mental instrument presenting intention of my project.

In spite of that my pictures truly are "studio photographs" and principally may be repeated they are recording of this only one unique session.

Tomasz Komorowski



Tomasz Komorowski "On the photograph" - - exhibition in Mala Gallery in Warsaw, July 2000.


THE TRADITION to cross borders of different areas of creativity is as long as art itself. Sometimes it becomes obsessive challenge to which artists devote themselves completly.

In case of Tomasz Komorowski it is one of his first attempts but the results are very interesting. He wants to record the shape of human body in changing optics of mirror reflections and movement. The object photographed this way reveals absolutely unexpected and autonomous forms. It becomes three dimensional and dynamic at the same time giving impression of being something different than it really is. The work of Komorowski - besides achieving interesting aesthetic qualities - has an additional aspect, namely reoccurring from time to time problem of so called objectivity of photography. This is almost eternal question if there on the photograph is really this what was photographed. The answer seems to be simple but certainly the artists will not agree upon it completly.

Marek Grygiel


Tomasz Komorowski "On the photograph" - - exhibition in Mala Gallery in Warsaw, July 2000.




Tomasz Komorowski "On the photograph" - - exhibition in Mala Gallery in Warsaw, July 2000.



Born February 20th, 1961, in Lodz.
Graduated from the Higher School of Photography of the State Film, Television and Theatre School in Lodz. Works in the Museum of Cinematography. Member of the Association of Artists of St. George.

Collective exhibitions

1998 - Exhibition of photography students of the Film School - Galeria FF, Lodz
1999 - Osrodek Propagandy Sztuki, Lodz
1999 - Exhibition of the Association of Artists of St. George.

Individual exhibitions

2000 - Muzeum Kinematografii, Lodz
2000 - Galeria Ikonsofera, Centrum Kultury "Zamek", Poznan



Tomasz Komorowski "On the photograph" - - exhibition in Mala Gallery in Warsaw, July 2000.



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