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July 3-27, 2001



Katarzyna Januszko
"In the blink of an eye" - installation


Katarzyna Januszko, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, July 2001


Patchwork - A heterogenous whole, a complex object (sewn together, patched) from misellaneous pieces (clippings), a mixture. In life, in observations, in experiences, in emotions and wishes.


Travel photographs

Katarzyna Januszko has an honours degree from Camberwell School of Arts in London. Since 1991 she has been working in Poland. Engaged in painting, photography, printmaking, set design, installation and performance. Photo: W. Gorlewski/GW

Traveling and photography. It is a good subject for summer holidays which evokes familiar associations: colourful scenic landscapes, wonders of nature, exoticism and beauty of unaccessible parts of our planet or famous places that everyone who visits them has to take picture of them. These views repeated in innumerable scenes by media of any kind, press, television, travel bureau catalogues fail in performing their role - instead of encouraging traveling they become just another series of trite post cards we have already seen sometime and somewhere that satisfy our thirst of knowledge of the unknown.

Katarzyna Januszko decided to translate her travel photographs into another, more personal and inquisitive language. She abandoned glossy colours and compiled majority of black and white photographs in several sets. She cut them into small pieces and then sewed them together obtaining thus a kind of collage. This synthetic intervention allowed for shifting the impact of this work into area of some generalization and simultaneously widened the meaning of the notion of "travel". In this haphazard selection of adjacent fragmentary pictures it is possible to find a significantly deeper relation - memory of something that was recorded during a consecutive travel becomes a random thought, something that came into being in a split of a second.

But the multitude of these fragments seem to create a new whole with somewhat different meaning. It appears that the travel may be carried out not only in time and space but also in one's imagination. The imagination that consists of pieces of recorded moments. Caught straight away, "in a blink of an eye". Then sewn together in our memory they make up a wider landscape of remembrances consisting not only of scenic views but also of moods that accompanied us then and not precisely defined wishes.

Photographs of Katarzyna Januszko just are such "sewn together" remembrances that dwell inside of any human being. But they can not always be recorded in such a manner. Unless we find travel photographs of our own.

Marek Grygiel



Katarzyna Januszko, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, July 2001




Katarzyna Januszko, Mala Gallery, Warsaw, July 2001



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Katarzyna Januszko's "In the blink of an eye" installation in Mala Gallery, Warsaw, July 2001. Photo: Albert Zawada/GW



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